Who's Your Caddy? scores big in Aiken

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News 12 at 11, July 27, 2007

AIKEN, SC---It's a movie that made headlines here locally long before its big release. Who's Your Caddy? opened tonight (Friday July 27) and for many in Aiken, it was a chance to celebrate their fifteen minutes of fame.

They rolled out the red carpet, celebrating like Oscar. As Who's Your Caddy? finally makes its debut, with a premiere party Aiken style.

"This is my eight seconds of fame. Everyone gets eight seconds in their life and this is mine." says extra Pam Powers.

If you look closely at the film's movie release trailor, you'll see Powers in a clip towards the end, on the right side of the screen in the pink and green top. But she isn't the only one enjoying a taste of Hollywood.

Chance Jackson screams, unable to contain his excitement for big brother Chase and his grandfather, who also had small roles in Who's Your Caddy? The Aiken eight-year-old golf enthusiast played a role much like himself and since his real dad Stan was serving in Iraq during filming, his grandfather stepped in and played the role of his proud papa.

"I had to die my hair." laughs grandpa David Kelly.

"My teachers said you're a movie star Chase and i said, yeah" squeaks the eight-year-old star.

Many of the shows at the Aiken theater sold out hours in advance as people in the Aiken community wanted to come out and get their own taste of Hollywood here at home.

And the Aiken spotlight was a real thrill for moviegoers like Wanda Brooks. "It was wonderful! I really enjoyed it and seeing the area and the people and places that i knew was great and the movie itself was funny! I really enjoyed it!"

Inside, the crowd of extras made a grand entrance and gave autographs; signing a poster dedicated to the Aiken stars. Stars, like stand in Brett Clark who says he never thought he'd be this close to the bright lights of Hollywood. "No, never thought that. No not living in Augusta at least."

But this group has made their mark in Aiken history with a film and memories that will last a lifetime.

"I'll never forget this, that moment." adds Chase Jackson.

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