More West Nile Virus cases in Georgia

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Mosquitoes can kill you. These tiny insects can carry a deadly disease--West Nile Virus.

Fred Koehle is one of the people who helps to keep you and your family safe. He works for the Richmond County Health Department and his job is to spray pesticide in mosquito-prone areas.

"What people don't realize is that mosquitoes continue to lay eggs whether there's water or not," says Koehle.

Mosquito eggs can live up to fours years. The Centers for Disease Control say that Georgia will have the highest number of West Nile cases in years. Koehle says he knows one reason why.

"We have a lot of places with standing water. One of the biggest things are swimming pools that aren't maintained," Koehle said.

If pools aren't maintained they can quickly turn into breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

Angela Thayer and Michelle Leggins live right around the corner from a pool that hasn't been kept up. Thayer says it takes the community working together to control the mosquito problem.

"Swimming pools, little baby pools, dump that water. Flower pots--dump that water...Get rid of it," says Thayer.

If you have water standing in your yard, you should have the area sprayed. Here are some other tips to mosquito-proof your home: remove containers with water, recycle discarded tires, clean roof gutters, turn wading pools upside down and change bird bath water.

Koehle has proof that it's important for people living in this area to take the necessary precautions.

"We've tested some positive mosquitoes and they've come back carrying the West Nile Virus."

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