Neighbors say Castleberry's closure could hurt community

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July 27, 2007

Augusta, GA---Ruth Crawford has spent most of her life in the Augusta area, first as a school teacher and later as the director of the Shiloh Community Center.

She says, the Castleberry's plant has been a staple in the community.She goes on to say, "Castleberry's has really helped us to stay here and it's needed. There is nothing in this community to help the young people but this place and that place."

And if the plant doesn't re-open soon she says, "I'm afraid that we might have to go out any day. If you take Castleberry's out of this community and this center can't exist you gonna have chaos."

Out-of-work Castleberry's employee, Shawn Dorn spends most of his time at the Georgia Department of Labor surfing the database for job openings.

Meanwhile, the list of recalled Castleberry products grows. The F-D-A is still finding tainted cans in convenience stores and gas station across the country. Even locally you can still find shelves with castleberry labels. But one local store owner says, "There is no need to worry we have pulled it all off the shelves."

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