Augusta football community weighs in on Vick

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News 12 First at Six, July 26, 2007

AUGUSTA, GA---Coach Barney Chavous is head football coach at T.W. Josey High School. As a NFL veteran, he calls football players role models. Coach says, "People look up to football players, let's face it..that's just how it is. And if somebody's looking up to you, you want to conduct yourself in a way that they have something to look up to."

The current issues with Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick sets a bad example for young players, coach says. Tywain Brown has dreams of one day playing pro football. And there is one thing he knows for sure. He says, "It sends a message...don't hang with the wrong crowd and do the right thing. Michael Vick is in an unfortunate situation right now."

With this recent federal indictment, Michael Vick's days in the locker room could be numbered. But that's not the extent of Vick's troubles. Animal rights groups are calling for Nike to remove all Vick items from store shelves.

And if Nike fails to comply, they say they'll picket Nike locations as early as next week. Bottomline, rather Vick is found guilty or not Coach Chavous says there is at least one lesson to be learned. He says, "It's not acceptable, it'll never be acceptable because of the kind of money the ballplayers making now and the requirements the league is requiring them to stand up to."

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