Dumb and Dangerous Driving - July 26, 2007

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News 12 at 11:00, July 26, 2007

AUGUSTA, GA--The traffic going toward the mall and Bobby Jones Expressway has it's own turn lane. But people coming from the other direction seem to think it's theirs for the taking."

The arrow on the road points one way, but we caught a driver going the other, veering into oncoming traffic, and cutting a left turn pretty close.

Gina Lee sees drivers doing that frequently. When they go to turn into burger king, they come thisaway on this side of the yellow line. And then they meet cars head-on trying to turn there into the mall." She said.

Her fear is this: one car driving the proper way in the turn lane, while another driver is going the wrong way in that turn lane. They'd be heading toward each other, head-on.

Gina says it puts her defensive driving skills to the test. Whenever she wants to turn left, she has to be on the lookout for drivers for the many drivers News 12 caught going the wrong direction.

"They may have gotten their license from the Kmarts or the Walmarts." She says, laughing.

That's Gina's explanation for all this dangerous driving. But, whatever the reason, she says this area has become a head-on collision course.

Here's a way to fix the problem. People going away from Bobby Jones get their own turn lane just a few feet up. All they have to do is drive a little further, and all this can be avoided.

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