North Augusta 2000 plans to open city up to riverfront

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NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. - Debbie McKie and her family love playing in the front yard. They live only a few feet from the Hammond's Ferry Development.

"It's a nice place for me to take my little girl and walk on the track," says McKie.

North Augusta 2000 will release a five-year plan for the city Thursday. The group's goal is to connect downtown to the riverfront. This includes building more houses like the ones that are already in the Hammond's Ferry community and building more roads.

Cathy Gilliland is the director of North Augusta 2000. She says the organization is planning for the future.

"It will propel our community into the new millenium and establish North Augusta as one of the best small towns in America," she said.

The community has has attracted people from all across the CSRA, but how much will it cost to help make North Augusta one of the best towns in America?

Right now the price tag is 2 million dollars. This money will go toward building new homes, improving education in North Augusta and adding more recreation.

The kickoff for the event will be held Thursday at noon in the Augusta Community Center. City leaders will be attendance and the program is open to public as well.

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