On Your Side: Man Buys Recalled Chili

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News 12 at 6, July 23, 2007

Augusta -- Augusta's Castleberry Food Plant shut down Monday after 16 cans of chili sauce tested positive for botulism.

Nearly 100 products have been recalled, but on Monday, News 12 found some of the recalled food is still available to buy.

Production has stopped at the Castleberry Plant so investigators can figure out why the contamination happened.

But apparently the news of the recall didn't reach the ears of every grocery store in the area.

Imagine Robert Walker's surprise when he went into the Kroger on Dean's Bridge Road Sunday night only to find recalled chili. "I know it wasn't supposed to be there," he said.

It was Kroger brand Chili With No Beans, made by Castleberry Foods and the bar code matches exactly to one on the recalled list.

So, Robert asked to speak to the manager. "He said he couldn't do anything till he got an email from the home office," he said.

This is the same chili that Castleberry is voluntarily recalling because it might be contaminated with botulism.

12 On Your Side went to the Dean's Bridge Road Kroger Monday morning to see if there were any more cans of recalled food.

We found just one. The manager on duty seemed surprised and promised to recheck the shelves. She apologized for it and the one Robert bought, which was still on the shelf.

We checked several other Kroger stores, but none of them had any recalled product on their shelves.

You might remember the recall began last week with 10 brands and then was increased over the weekend to 90 brands. The scene in most stores was active as cans were being pulled as soon as the news came down.

Now, Federal Investigators are spending a lot of time at the Augusta plant while trying to figure out how this problem got started.

"At this point, the plant is shut down so that we can focus our effort on taking care of this issue," said Dave Melbourne, senior vice president of Castleberry Foods.

If you have any recalled product, please contact the company directly for information on how to receive your refund.

You can do that by calling 1-888-203-8446 or you can click here.

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