Harry Potter mania hits Augusta area

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News 12 First at Five, July 20, 2007

It's the event lots of people have been waiting for: the seventh and final Harry Potter book goes on sale at midnight. Security is very tight with these books, because some people will do just about anything to get a copy.

From spells to Slytherin, it's Harry Potter mania at bookstores everywhere.
The excitement is in the air, but Book Tavern owner David Hutchison says some people might be a little too excited.

"When the ups man delivered the books, he told us a woman stopped him at one of the stops and offered a hundred and fifty dollars per book if he would give them to her." He said.

Fortunately, the UPS driver left the frenzied fan and took this highly coveted shipment straight to David's store.

"This book is unique. No other book has created quite the stir." He said.

It's a stir so big, store owners like David had to sign an agreement with the publisher, the distributor, and the author, promising they they would keep this book under watchful eye until midnight. The agreement says if it gets out, the owner could have to pay, and they may not be eligible to get more books once the first supply runs out. That's why the instructions on the box tell them not to even
open it until midnight.

When that hour strikes, the fans will be waiting. Many people got to stores 12 hours early to secure their spots in line.

"We're going to have our ties, sweater vests, robes, and we also have wands." Said one fan.

"It's gonna be a good book. I can't wait, I'm excited!" Said another fan.

All that excitement is the reason store owners like David and to make a promise: to keep the magic until midnight. As for his big release: "I wish i wasn't throwing a party sometimes so i could open the box, run back to the back room, and just start reading right away. David said.

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