Dumb and Dangerous Driving-July 19, 2007

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News 12 at 11:00, July 19, 2007

NORTH AUGUSTA, SC--When you add a bad blind turn to a busy road, it equals dangerous driving conditions for people in North Augusta. It's so dangerous, it lead to a crash this afternoon.

News 12 catches it all on camera on Georgia Avenue and Observatory Avenue in this week's Dumb and Dangerous Driving.

News 12 sits on one corner of that intersection, and we can hear all the crashes from inside our newsroom. It happens a lot, and people who drive through that area say it can be very scary.

A group of people huddle together, as a man heads to the hospital. They were driving down Georgia Avenue, when a truck pulled out from Observatory. Driver David Coon says he's seen this happen before.

"Yep, yep, there's been a couple." Coon said.

It's also a problem for people right here at News 12, where parked cars and news jeeps line Observatory avenue.

"We constantly have to have our head on a swivel. You don't know what's coming, and where it's coming from." Said Sports Director Prentice Elliott.

"It seems like there's almost a wreck a day, and several others that just miss. It can be pretty dangerous." Said On Your Side Reporter Jeff Anderson.

News 12 caught potentially dangerous situations on camera. A red car pulled out onto Georgia Avenue, and then stopped to wait for a clearing. At the same time, drivers are coming from all different directions. To make matters even worse, a lot of people don't use their signals. All of that dangerous driving, all that traffic, and bad blind spots bring North August Public Safety out here a lot.

"What we see frequently is, when car coming southbound on Georgia Avenue in the right-hand lane, it obstructs the view of the car on observatory. And then, there's a car on the inside lane." Said Lt. Tim Pearson.

"It's just that blind spot. You just can't see the cars coming around the corner. They need to put some kind of light or something." Said driver David Coon.

News 12 wrote the state and told them the same thing. Now, there's a green turn signal at Martintown and Georgia Avenue. Lt. Pearson says they encourage everyone to use that intersection instead of using Observatory Avenue as a cut-through.

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