Man shot to death while delivering newspapers

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News 12 at 6:00, July 14, 2007

AUGUSTA, GA--A man was shot to death in downtown Augusta early this morning, and Richmond County investigators are looking for the person who pulled the trigger. They say 23-year-old Donald Hugh Gamble, Jr. shot 29-year-old Wuamaine Eugene Rickman in the 200 block of Walker Street.

Investigators say drugs may have been behind the murder. News 12 talked a man who goes to church nearby, who says violence like this is destroying the neighborhood.

Deadly gunshots fly, right near a bunch of houses and Benjamin Ivey's church.

"Everyone is lacking morals. And it's just, it's really getting out of hand. And you just hate to see it happen in your community." Ivey said.

Neighbors in the community say it happened right in front of some homes. Quamaine Rickman was delivering newspapers. He got out to talk to Donald Gamble and one other man, and things got heated. Sgt. Richard Roundtree says they got into an argument, and that's when shots started to fly.

"The witness stayed in the vehicle. Once the shots were fired, the victim attempted to flee in the vehicle, the vehicle was struck several times as it fled the scene." Sgt. Roundtree said.

Rickman was also hit in the back. The witness drove him to the Medical College of Georgia, where he later died. Rickman is now Augusta's 17th murder victim this year.

Benjamin Ivey says that number is far too high: "We have to try to rebuild our communities and put our kids back into the church. Until we do that, we're giving up on our own kids."

Investigators are looking for Gamble and the other man. They found drug-related items inside the house where Gamble was staying, and they think that could have something to do with the shooting.

Investigators say both gamble and the victim knew Stedmund Fryer. He was shot to death early last week at Club Super C; however, they don't think this shooting is related.

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