Man killed when tree crushes corner store

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July 12, 2007

AUGUSTA, Ga.---A man died yesterday when storms swept across our area. 40-year-old Robert Walker was riding his bike when a tree fell, killing him.

Nearby, there were four others trapped in a store on the corner of 11th and Dugas Street. Inmate crews were out for hours today cleaning up the mess.

The tree that leveled the corner store was completely uprooted. Two men and two children were inside the building and were injured when it collapsed.

We're told the man who died, Robert Walker, lived in the area. His friends say he was a truck driver and spent most of his time taking care of his mother.

Stanley Hawes was Walker's friend. He says "everybody in the area knew him, and he really had started doing good for himself. He had become a truck driver, and was real proud of that."

Authorities tell us this all appears to be a result of a microburst in the area.

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