On Your Side: Trash Troubles

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News 12 at 6, July 11, 2007

Columbia County--Getting your trash picked up is something we take for granted, but imagine if it wasn't picked up for nearly a month.

That's just what's happening in one Columbia County neighborhood.

If you went weeks without getting your trash picked up, you can probably imagine the sights and smells.

Now take what you're imagining and make it reality. That's what some folks in Columbia County are living with.

"Our last track pickup was on Thursday June 21st." Homeowner Brenda Lowe said.

That was almost four weeks and Lowe is fed up.

"It's quite disgusting." she said.

For each of these weeks, Lowe and her neighbors have faithfully put out their trash and each week it continues to sit.

Mcgahee Sanitation is the company they all pay to collect it, but they haven't seen a trash truck in nearly a month.

Brenda: "They are telling me the driver got lost."
WRDW Reporter: "For 3 weeks?"
Brenda: "Yeah, for 3 weeks."

Week after week, the trash keeps piling up to the point that people are using their own cans because they long ago overfilled the company provided can.

And month old trash tends to attract some unwanted guests.

"I'm sure it's full of lovely creatures at this point." she said.

12 On Your Side called Mcgahee Sanitation to see what the problem is. The person who answered the phone said the owner would call back. He never did.

Brenda and her neighbors say they don't want any more excuses, they just want to see these piles hauled away and a little compensation wouldn't be so bad either.

"At this point with them being so late, we are due something." she said.

The one good thing is that there are multiple trash pick-up services that Brenda and her neighbors can start service with.

They might do that, but right now they just want Mcgahee Sanitation to pick up their trash.

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