Club improves security after deadly shooting

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News 12 First at Five, July 10, 2007

AUGUSTA, GA--Richmond county investigators need your help to find Darion McNair. The 18-year-old is known as "Sparrow" or "Hoovie." He's accused of killing 18-year-old Stedmund Fryer in the middle of a dance floor early Monday morning at Club Super C in South Augusta.

Investigators say this murder comes after a continuing dispute between the men. News 12 has learned there was a fight just before Fryer was shot in the chest.

Hours after he was killed, Fryer's sister's house was shot up. She was not there at the time.

Investigators say this is a volatile case, and they want to get Darion McNair off the streets. Investigators are also looking for this man Jordash Tanksley. He is not a suspect in this investigation, but he is known to hang out with Darion McNair.

Both men are considered armed and extremely dangerous.

After this deadly shooting, and another at Club Platinum several weeks ago, many worry about safety. A former club manager tells news 12 that the key to keeping violent crime out is bringing more deputies in.

"That one deputy, he cannot see inside and outside, around the dance floor, around the cash register where money is handled," said Ed Lowry.

He managed A Touch of Class for 12 years, and never had a shooting like these. He says another key to keeping it safe is keeping it 21 and up. Vice investigator Tony Hyatt says clubs that let teenagers in, along with adults, are asking for trouble.

"Anytime you mix the two together and there's alcohol involved, yes. There's going to be problems," said Inv. Hyatt.

He also says metal detectors can't always stop those problems: "Anything is possible...If someone sets their mind to getting something in there."

Lowry says the best thing to do is try to attract a safer crowd by setting earlier hours, selecting a lighter playlist, and adding more security.

"Once they see security, and knowing you enforcing the law, you won't have those problems at your establishment." He said.

News 12 talked to the owner of Club Super C, Charles Cummings. He tells us he's following that advice. He says it's now 21 and up, he's not going to play rap music anymore, he's closing earlier, and he's getting more deputies.

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