Moore resigns SC Senate seat, accepts exec position

July 9, 2007

Former South Carolina state senator and gubernatorial candidate Tommy Moore is the new executive vice president of the Community Financial Services Association of America, or CFSA.

In a CFSA news release, Moore is quoted as saying: “At this point in my career, I saw an exciting opportunity to take on a new challenge that builds on my long history of supporting and protecting consumers. CFSA shares those goals and I’ve been impressed with the great strides they have taken to educate consumers about responsible use of the service.”

“Payday advance customers appreciate this service, however, payday lending remains misunderstood by those unfamiliar with its benefits to working families. I look forward to dispelling misperceptions about the service and furthering CFSA’s efforts to promote responsible regulation. Compromise and bipartisanship have been the cornerstones of my career in pubic service and will be instrumental in helping the payday advance industry navigate its legislative challenges."

Moore ran as a Democrat for South Carolina governor last year. He was elected to the state Senate in 1981 and served in the House before that.

According to the news release, Moore and his family will relocate from Aiken to Washington, DC.

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