Dumb and Dangerous Driving-July 5, 2005

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News 12 at 11:00, July 5, 2007

AUGUSTA, GA--People are flying through a local neighborhood, and one woman says high speeds took the life of her pet.

Now, she's taking action to remind drivers that Central Avenue isn't a main road where you can drive in the 40s and 50s. It's a place where people, and their pets, call home.

Julia Nwakor lives there and the animals she calls her babies. But, one evening, one of those babies got out. And he would never return.

"He was laying right here." Julia said, pointing to the pavement in front of her house. Her cat was hit by a car, and she found him struggling to survive.

"I pulled in, grabbed him, and went to the emergency vet. He died there." She said.

Now, the animal lover is putting up signs across the area, and she's trying to get drivers to slow down.

"People speed all the time. Nobody pays attention to the limit, which is 35." She said.

News 12's radar caught people driving in the upper 40s, and even at 50 miles per hour. That is 15 miles over the posted speed.

Julia says "sometimes when you try to get in your driveway, they almost hit you." And everytime that happens, it brings back memories. Whenever she sees someone flying by her house, she remembers the loss of her cat.

Julia says she will keep posting flyers, and doing whatever it takes to make Central Avenue a safer place.

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