Edgefield Community Wants Test Site Moved

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News 12 at Six o'clock, July 4, 2007.

Edgefield CO.---A community in Edgefield county wants the "Force Protection" company to move out.

The company helps to keep service men and women safer in Iraq but neighbors say they're their test site located within a mile of their homes shakes up their house and instead of living out in the country, they say they feel like they're living in a war zone. "It's not everyday but you just don't know when it's gonna go off and when you have a loud boom like that it's a very frightening experience," said neighbor Lisa Winn. The land is used as a testing range for uparmoured vehicles used to protect servicemembers against roadside bombs and landmines. "I do want our troops safe but the dangers of it accidentally bleeding onto someone else's land it's there," she said.

Sarah Chinn says it's gotten so bad, she fears that her property may be damaged from the affects of the blasts. "We'd like to see it go somewhere else," she said. While they've taken their concerns to the council, Edgefield leaders want to know why they haven't heard these complaints before. They say they plan to assess the test site in the next seven days to see if it poses any health or safety concerns to the community.

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