School Test Scores Out Show Mixed Results

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Augusta, GA---The Georgia Department of Education on Tuesday released the CRCT (Criterion-Referenced Competency Test) scores, and they show mixed results for Richmond County.

In 3rd grade reading scores, some Richmond County schools see some improvement in test results, while others are doing worse.

The lowest performing schools in Richmond County when it comes to 3rd grade reading scores are Terrace Manor, Southside, Hornsby, Jenkins-White and Milledge Elementary schools.

One of those schools---Milledge Elementary, doubled the percentage of students not meeting state standards in reading from 25 percent in 2006 to 51.9 percent this year.

Jenkins-White, however, was able to bring its scores up. Last year 66 percent of 3rd graders failed to meet standards, this year it's 46.8 percent.

CRCT Scores Richmond County
Milledge Elementary:
2006: 25 % failing to meet standards
2007: 51.9% failing to meet standards
Jenkins-White Elementary
2006: 66% 2007: 46.8%

When it comes to math scores in Richmond County, every middle school but one saw improvements in the CRCT. The most dramatic improvements in math scores were at Tubman and Murphey Middle schools.

8th Grade Math Scores (CRCT)
Comparing schools: '06 '07
(% of students NOT meeting standards)
Tubman Middle 51% 37.7%
Murphey Middle 58% 34.5%
East Augusta Middle 32% 34.7%

Last year, Tubman had 51 percent of its 8th graders failing to meet state standards in math, this year, that number is 37.7 failing to meet the standards.

Murphey Middle last year had 58 percent of its 8th graders fail the CRCT math section and this year that number is down to 34.5 percent failing.

The only middle school not improving its math scores was East Augusta Middle which went from 32 percent failing to meet standards to 34.7 percent.

Overall, Richmond County's 8th grade math scores are better, with 36 percent of students failing to meet math standards last year, compared to 29 percent this year.

8th Grade CRCT Math Scores
Richmond County: '06 '07
Failing to meet
state standards: 36% 29%
(Source, GA Department of Education)

There is good news to report about a Burke County elementary school News 12 has been tracking. Waynesboro Primary School has gotten its test scores up even higher. The number of students meeting or exceeding state standards has gone from 92 % to 98 %.

To see the results for your child's school, click on the link below and go to the CRCT scores.

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