Grovetown Celebrates Independence Day

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News 12 at 6:00, July 4, 2007

GROVETOWN, GA--More than a thousand people gathered today at the city of Grovetown's annual barbecue.

The mayor of Grovetown calls it a "patriotic little town." you could really see that today, because red, white, and blue filled the room. Many of those people have served our country, and it was a time for all of them to join together and celebrate their independence.

Mayor Dennis Trudeau has been serving his town for two decades. And before that, he was serving his country.

"I was in the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion, and I participated in the Normandy invasion where I was unfortunately captured by the Germans. They were liberated in '45. Then I joined the American army, where I spent 23 years." Mayor Trudeau said.

Specialist Michael Yurovich also felt called to join the service. He used to live in Russia, helping families with adoptions, but he says it was always his dream to fight for the American Army.

"I'm proud to be an American, I'm proud to be serving in the army and helping out." He said.

On this fourth, he and fourteen other servicemen and women are helping out by serving barbecue. Others, like Namon Woods, are bringing the food to the people who can't be here. Woods spent four years in the Airforce during the Cold War. For him, the Fourth is a very special day.

"It means freedom for this country. All Americans should be proud, proud of our forces." Woods said.

Curtis Newman shows his pride for his country through song. He sings for family and friends every Fourth.

"I'm thankful for the things we have in life, I'm thankful for these men and women back there who have given us the opportunities we have." Newman said.

Mayor Trudeau says those are important things to remember. That's why he will continue serving friends and family food every Fourth of July.

"We just have a great fellowship, a great time." Mayor Trudeau said.

They served about two thousand pounds of barbecue, as well as all the traditional sides. There were also door prizes, and music.

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