Dumb and Dangerous Driving - June 28, 2007

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News 12 at 11:00, June 28, 2007

AUGUSTA, GA--It's congestion and chaos at a lunchtime hotspot. People are turning into the wrong lane, going to the wrong direction to get to the Robert C. Daniel Chick-Fil-A.

That parking lot gets really packed, especially during lunchtime. And when you factor in all those people breaking the rules, it can be a very frustrating and dangerous place to drive.

You enter on one side, and exit on the other; however, some people are doing it the other way around. Chick-fil-a manager John Hughes says this happens every day: "People are coming down Walton Way extension and trying to turn left into our store. You can't do that."

Like this: a minivan, and then a car, leave the wrong way. That holds up another driver turning in the right way. But the problem doesn't stop here.

"People want to exit in an 'enter only.'" Said John Hughes.

Across the parking lot, people are turning left to get in where they're clearly not supposed to. And it gets worse. A department of transportation car makes the illegal left into the wrong lane. Another driver does the exact same thing.

Tyler Baum knows all about the problem area. He spends part of his workday advertising right in the middle of it.

"It's busy out here. Everybody's tryin' to get where they're going, and no one likes sitting in traffic." He said. John Hughes agrees: "It's pretty bad, especially when the store gets busy and traffic gets worse. We have a lot of problems in our parking lot."

He says all of it, from turning at the wrong place to the wrong direction, is putting drivers in danger. That's why deputies are often nearby, keeping an eye on the area.

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