Richmond County picks new school superintendent

June 27, 2007

AUGUSTA, Ga.---The Richmond County Board of Education has chosen Dr. Dana Bedden as the new school superintendent.

Dr. Bedden is currently the Superintendent of Schools in the William Penn School District in Pennsylvania. He tells News 12 he got the official word a little after 6 o'clock this afternoon and is very excited about the news.

During the interview process, Dr. Bedden told News 12 he's a team player who would manage the school system by working with the board and the community to find out what's effective and what needs to be changed.

"We had some really good candidates, but he shined," said board member Venus Cain. "He brings a wealth of knowledge, he has a wealth of student achievement, a wealth of knowledge on organization management...and I just think he's going to bring something wonderful to this school district. We're all excited."

The Richmond County school board said this was a joint decision. The next step in the process is contract negotiations.

According to Dr. Bedden, he and the BOE will begin preliminary negotiations soon. The board attorney is set to leave on vacation, so the contract won't be decided until the attorney returns.

Dr. Bedden says he and the board agree that the ideal start date would be in early August. Dr. Bedden says the board asked for August 1, but he still has to work out his departure from his current district.

Dr. Dana Bedden has been superintendent for the William Penn district for two years, and he says during his short time there, he has turned the district around.

Click here to read News 12's original interview with Dr. Bedden.

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