HIV Testing Day

June 27, 2007

AUGUSTA, Ga.---Today is National HIV Testing Day.

Most health departments in our area were open and offering the tests.

Rapid tests were done at some places, with just a swab of the mouth. They did free swab tests today at the Health Department on Laney Walker until 3 pm.

Health educator Sandra Wimberly says health departments want to catch HIV so they don't have to treat it. "We're trying to prevent it before you get it, just like the cancers, the other types of things. This is an illness, but we can prevent it if you come in, get educated, get informed."

HIV testing is especially important for teens.

"We know that most of the newer cases of HIV are under the age of 25, so it is our responsibility not only as health care professionals but people who are living in America to work with our teenager to stop that spread," Wimberly said.

For more information in Georgia, call Sandra Wimberly at 706-667-4342.

In South Carolina, call the AIDS/STD Hotline at 1-800-322-AIDS (1-800-322-2437).

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