On Your Side: Fence Frustrations

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News 12 at 6, June 26, 2007

HEPHZIBAH, Ga.---A Hephzibah couple says their brand-new $7,000 fence is about to fall over.

That's because one expert says the fence builder took way too many shortcuts.

When you're building a fence, you're supposed to use a good amount of concrete to keep the thing from tipping over.

Bobby and Rosa Green say their fence builder didn't use the concrete, but he did charge them for it.

"It's to the point now, i don't know if it will come all the way over." bobby said.

Bobby green is beyond mad, he forked over nearly $7,000 to get this fence built.

But within weeks of completion, he started noticing some problems.

"It's supposed to lock into place (referring to the gate)." he said.

The gate wouldn't latch, the posts were shaky and much of it just seemed wobbly.

The Green's have repeatedly called the builder, Derek Cook of Cook Tree Service to come and make things right. So far, they say he's a no show.

12 On Your Side brought in Fence City owner Karen Winkfein to do her own inspection and she didn't like what she saw.

"I haven't hit concrete. I'm all the way down with a shovel. This is pretty bad for being as new as it is." Karen said.

Karen says if Cook Tree Service used the right amount of concrete, it should be visible 2 to 3 inches down. That isn't the case with the Green's fence.

That's bad because that means the fence will essentially just fall over after a little time.

12 On Your Side did call Derek Cook to ask him why he didn't put enough concrete in. He says he did, but Karen's digging proved he didn't.

He also told us he'll be back out to fix things, but the Greens have yet to hear from him.

For Bobby, this is especially troubling. He's a member of the military and about to head off to Korea for a while this is something he doesn't want his wife to have to deal with while he's gone.

"If the young man would come and do what he said he'd do, it wouldn't be a problem." bobby said.

The Greens are basically going to have to have their fence torn down and completely rebuilt.

That means, they could be out another $6,000 to $7,000.

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