Companies make sure employees, customers stay cool

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News 12 First at 5, June 25, 2007

AUGUSTA, GA-- It was another steamy day outside today, and it's still only June. So what do the hot temperatures mean for local businesses?

News 12 found out how local businesses are beating the heat.

The hot lazy days of summer are here. Well, maybe not lazy for local construction workers, just a whole lot of heat.

"I dread summer time period but you have to deal with it." says RH Builders Carpenter Gerald Storey.

Dealing with it, by wearing lighter colored shirts for some, or for others, opting for a little skin. But either way for the guys of RH Builders, their company says they make sure their employees stay cool.

"What we're doing basically is limiting our work outside to the early morning hours and keeping our workers hydrated." says project manager Gene Clark.

But what about those that play outdoors?

Dealing with the heat at North Augusta Country Club was a difficult task this year since their clubhouse burned down in April.

Leah Layman is a manager at North Augusta's Country Club. "We felt horrible that we couldn't really provide for everyone that was here."

So they've had to improvise, working around the clock to remodel their pool house into a makeshift clubhouse. They've done that by adding a roof, siding, installing fans, and an air conditioning unit.

"We really wanted to do it for the golfers so they'd have somewhere to be in the heat." adds Layman.

But not every business owner's sweating the heat.

"We do look forward to summertime. It's our busy season." says Pink Dipper owner Lindy Myers.

Myers and her husband have served up summer treats at the North Augusta Ice Cream Parlour for the last 15 years.

"Ice cream’s a fun business. Everyone comes in; they're happy and want a treat. Grandmothers bring their children."

Children like Summer Connell who says summertime is the perfect time for ice cream. "It's a good break from being outside."

But whether it's a dip of the flavor of your choice, or a dip in the pool, staying cool is the way for everyone to beat the heat.

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