6 arrests in two-state crime spree

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News 12 at 6 o'clock, June 23, 2003

AUGUSTA, GA--Six teenagers are facing charges after a string of crimes in Georgia and South Carolina.

North Augusta Public Safety says Alonzo Curry, Ricardo Fann, and Elgin Walker hijacked two cars earlier this week. A fourth suspect, a woman, Sharonda Clifford is also charged.

The first carjacking happened Tuesday night at Plaza Place apartments around 9 p.m. Less than an hour later, North Augusta DPS says the same group hijacked a car in The Rapids subdivision.

Across the river, Richmond county investigators say the same group is responsible for three more crimes, including a home invasion where one man was shot.

The other two arrests were two fifteen year old boys. Richmond County Investigators say all six broke into a home off of Fairhope Street around 1:30 am Wednesday morning. It's the last crime investigators say the group committed, and the most violent.

Now one of the boys charged in that crime lived right next door to the victims of that home invasion and his mother tells News 12 she knows he didn't do it.

15 year old Justin Brown is a juvenile, but Richmond County investigators are charging him as an adult-- and now his mother says he didn't commit the four felonies he's is accused of from the home invasion.

"I'm upset! I'm highly upset because i know for a fact me and him was right here!"

Angela Brown and her sons live at 617 Fairhope Street, right next door to where Brown and five other teens were charged with home invasion.

Police say they stormed the front door of 619 Fairhope Street Wednesday morning, ordered four people to the floor, beat them with chairs, pistol-whipped a man and shot another in the leg.

Angela, her son, and her neighbors heard it all. That's how she says she knows Justin is innocent.

"He didn't go in that house and didn't rob nobody!" says Brown. News 12's Lynnsey Gardner asked her how she knew that and Brown responded, " Becuase he ain't got no twin! Me and him was standing right here after the police came and everything!'

Angela says she and Justin watched as medics and investigators processed the scene, and she wonders why her son - now a suspect - was arrested two days later, not on the spot.

"Short as he is, he is the littliest thing of the bunch, if he had gone in that house and robbed them they would've picked him out once they all came outside."

Angela fears police are relying on the word of 17-year-old Sharonda Clifford who Angela says may have wanted to bring others down with her.

"We were right here. There just dragging his name into it. He didn't go in that house!"

Now with no money to defend her middle child who's facing four felony charges, Brown is desparate to clear his name. "That's all we need is some federal charges! He's through! He's through! Put him in a lineup! Whatever! Polygraph him! Because i know my baby didn't go in there."

Richmond County Investigators are charging Justin Brown with burglary, armed robbery, aggravated assault and possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime--all four stemming from the home invasion.

The other juvenile 15 year old Willie Holmes is charged with three felonies from the same incident.

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