Augusta's newest hospital moves ICU patients out

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News 12 at 11 o'clock, June 22, 2007

Augusta, GA---One of the newest hospitals in Augusta has moved its intensive care unit patients to another part of the building because they're having air conditioning problems.

Brian Davis, the CEO of Select Specialty Hospital on Walton Way tells News 12 they're not sure what the problem with the cooling system is, but they've gotten temperature readings as high as 79 and 80 degrees in the ICU.

Davis says they moved all their ICU patients, approximately 3 or 4 in all, out of the unit tonight to a cooler part of the hospital.

Ken Boose, whose 72 year old father is in the ICU after suffering a fall, says he's complained about the temperature there for 2 days and just wanted something done. He says his father has developed a 103 fever since the temperatures have gone up in the unit.

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