Repeat DUI offender praises Ignition Interlock System

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Thursday, June 21, 2007 News 12 at 6 O'Clock

STAPLETON, Ga. -- Ignition Interlock Systems give repeat DUI offenders an alternative to losing their license. Last week Governor Mark Sanford signed a new bill into law that forces them to buy one for their vehicles.

News 12 asked Chad Dixon - a repeat DUI offender - if the device is effective, and he says he swears he'll never drink and drive again.

It's a device designed to scare off drinkers from driving.

"They realize it's court-ordered most of the cases and they don't have a choice," says technician Bob Fahrner who installs the systems.

If repeat offenders blow a blood alcohol level of .02 or higher it prevents their vehicle from starting.

"Well, it's better than nothing. It's better than not being able to drive," says Chad Dixon.

The 24 year old is from Stapleton, Georgia and has been convicted of DUI twice. His was installed last week and will be a part of his daily life for at least six months.

"My windows are tinted on my truck and I kind of roll the windows up because i don't want anybody to see," he says. "It's embarassing."

And even worse, it's expensive.

It cost him one hundred fifty dollars to install and an additional seventy dollars each month. He's even taken on a new, full-time summer job to pay for it and for DUI classes.

He says, he's learned his lesson.

"I know that I'm not ever going to go back to drinking and driving once I'm through with it," Dixon says.

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