Local Update - June 21, 2007

Summer Officially Begins
Even though it's been hot for quite a while now, summer starts today.
Summer officially begins at 2:06 pm.

ADP Announces Grand Opening
Augusta's job boom could come real soon.
ADP leaders say they'll have a grand opening July 9th.
There will be a ceremony at the new location on Stevens Creek Road at 2:00.
The company is bringing a thousand new jobs to the city.

Sheriff Investigates Hard Drive Drama
The hard drive controversy just won't go away, and now the Richmond County Sheriff is looking for answers in an investigation.
Commissioner Marion Williams, however, is giving none.
He never showed up for a scheduled meeting with investigators Wednesday.
Authorities want to know whether Williams has a copy of the city administrator's hard drive.
Williams says he obtained it legally.

SC Interim Treasurer Named
South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford has appointed an interim state treasurer in place of Thomas Ravenel, who was indicted on drug charges.
Ken Wingate is stepping in for now will help with the search for a replacement.

Cancer In Burke County
A new study shows the number of people dying of cancer in Burke County is on the rise.
The Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League launched the investigation after plans last year to expand the nuclear power plant there.
Since the plant opened in the late 1980's, the number of cancer-related deaths has increased to 25 percent, while the rest of the country was on the decline.

Carjacking Suspects Sought
North Augusta Public Safety Officers are still looking for two carjacking suspects.
Wednesday night, a toyota tundra was carjacked from a man's driveway in the Rapids Subdivision.
The first happened almost an hour earlier in the parking lot of Plaza Place Apartments.
Neither victim was injured.

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