Georgia's CRCT county by county scores out

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News 12 at 11 o'clock, June 20, 2007

Augusta, GA--- The Georgia tests results for reading, science and math for grades 1 through 8 are out. They're called the CRCT (Criterion- Referenced Competency Tests).

Some local school systems are doing better --- and some see scores staying flat or on the decline since last year.

News 12 took a closer look at our biggest school system, Richmond County, choosing 3rd graders as an example. The CRCT scores show the numbers are flat.

3rd graders in Augusta's public schools have about the same number failing to meet state standards in reading: it's hovering at about 25 percent.

Richmond County
3rd Graders: Reading
Failing to Meet Standards in 2006: 25.3%
Failing to Meet Standards in 2007: 24.6%

Richmond County did make a 4 percent gain in students exceeding state standards.

Richmond County
3rd Graders: Reading
Exceeding Standards in 2006: 16.6%
Exceeding Standards in 2007: 20.1%

Looking at Richmond County 3rd graders' math scores, the scores here are slipping a little, with nearly a 4 percent increase in kids failing to pass the test.

Richmond County
3rd Graders: Math
Failing to Meet Standards in 2006: 14.9%
Failing to Meet Standards in 2007: 18.2%

The breakdown of all the CRCT scores by individual schools in Georgia will be out by July 5th, according to the state Education Department spokesman.

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