Williams won't talk to investigators about hard drive

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News 12 First at Five, June 20, 2007

AUGUSTA,Ga---Richmond County Sheriff Ronnie Strength says he was hoping to get to the bottom of Augusta's hard drive controversy after meeting with commissioner Marion Williams Wednesday.

But, Williams did not show up for the meeting scheduled with investigators at the law enforcement center.

Sheriff Strength say Williams orginally told investigators he would meet with them sometime on Wednesday afternoon. However, the sheriff says Williams called late Wednesday afternoon, tellling authorities he decided not to talk to them after talking to his attorney.

Authorities say they wanted to find out whether Williams has a copy of the city administrator's hard drive as he claims. If he does have it, the sheriff says they will investigate whether it was obtained legally.

Williams told News 12 in May that he obtained a copy of the hard drive legally from a "professional source." He says he suspected the administrator was running a personal business on the city computer.

Williams has not been charged with a crime. For that reason, he says he is not obligated to speak to authorities.

Sheriff Strength says, "We were hoping to talk to him, but what we'll do is we've got some more interviews we want to do, we want to either confirm or deny that he does have it or he does not have it."

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