Bill Jackson wins District 24

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News 12 at 11, June 19, 2007

24TH DISTRICT, GA-- Bill Jackson celebrating his win in the race for the 24th state senate seat with 62-percent of the vote.

His celebration party was held at the Belair Conference center in Columbia County and News 12 spoke with him about his big win.

Jackson won more than two thirds of the vote, high numbers that even surprised and overwhelmed the district's new top dawg.

After the numbers were in, it seems experience mattered in this race as voters in the 24 th district chose to send Bill Jackson back to Atlanta but this time as a State Senator.

He's already got 16 years under his belt as a State Representative, but says he's excited and ready to make the change.

He says he will be a loyal servant to the people of the district and says one of the biggest problems plaguing his constituents are property taxes. He hopes to help reform the issue and lower taxes, and also high on his list of priorities he says is education.

The newly elected Senator vows he will make sure the voice of the people of the 24th district is heard at the state's capitol. "There's a lot of things on the burner up there and I'm just going to be up there to get involved and try to work good friendships and alignments to do the things we need to do for this district."

No official word on when Jackson will be sworn in, but his camp says they've been told it could be as early as the end of the week.

Democrat Scott Nichols received 17 percent of the vote, tying Republican Brett McGuire. Political newcomer Lee Benedict received 4 percent.

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