Cain admits threatening fellow board member

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News 12 at Six o'clock, June 19, 2007.

Augusta, GA---A heated argument between two Richmond County School Board members got ugly last week and now they'll be heading to court. School board member Joe Scott accuses fellow board member Venus Cain of threatening to beat him up.

"If I disrespected anyone who elected me I'm truly sorry but I will stand my ground that no man should disrespect a woman, no man," she said. Newly elected school board member Venus Cain is setting the record straight after fellow board member Joe Scott, accused her of saying "I'm gonna kick your a--". "He started ruffling up stuff and got beligerent, flailing his arms and I said to him, you're not gonna scream at me and he said I'll do whatever I want to do," she said.
While Cain admits she did threaten to beat-up Scott after things got heated she says, it was a last ditch effort after making repeated attempts to tell him to stop. "He jumped up and started screaming and hollering at me and I said my husband don't even talk to me that way and he started cursing at me so I said to him "my husband is 6'4 and he don't disrespect me like that and i'm not gonna allow you," Cain said. She says the argument got out of hand behind closed doors last Friday just before the board began interviewing two finalists for the superintendent position. Cain says they agreed to ask all the candidates the same two questions in the exact same wording so no candidate had an unfair advantage but Scott disagreed. "Joe started fussing saying no one was gonna tell him what to do and he could do whatever he wanted," she said. Even though Scott filed an arrest warrant application against Cain she maintains there's no bad blood between the two board members. "I don't dislike Joe, I dislike the way he treats people, and we are still co-workers as far as I'm concerned and we still have a job to do," she said.

Judge Williams tells News 12 there will be a pre-arrest hearing on July 27th. The hearing will determine whether there's probable cause behind Scott's allegations.

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