Only on 12: Neighbors want answers about potential explosive

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News 12 at 11, June 18, 2007

AUGUSTA, GA-- It's a story you'll see only on 12--the exclusive footage from this weekend's bomb scare in an Augusta neighborhood. Now people in the area want to know if the device was in fact an explosive.

Investigators say the device was found Saturday morning in the attic of a home off of Wicklow Drive--a home that had recently been purchased by a Richmond County Officer.

On Saturday (June 16), investigators said the threat was serious. Tonight neighbors want some serious answers.

Wicklow Drive neighbors heard a loud boom on Saturday, and News 12 crews heard it as well. The sound came from behind the home twice in less than an hour.

Cheryl Patterson and her family live next door to the home, and the scene Saturday was chaotic. Now, take a look at her view from her dining room window today, and you will see a large hole in the ground where she says the device was taken from inside the house. Seeing it, is why she still has so many questions.

"Sitting on pins and needles waiting to hear more...Was it a bomb? How big of bomb? What kind of damage could it have done? Possible suspects? How it could've gotten there in this neighborhood?" says Patterson.

Investigators say the threat was serious. The device in the backyard, a potential explosive, found in the attic by electricians contracted to do work for a Richmond County Officer who had recently purchased the property.

Sandy Boysworth lives four houses away and watched the Richmond County Bomb Squad, Violent Crimes Investigators and the FBI for more than four hours. And while they were working the scene, she was working the crowd, where she says she talked to the electricians about their discovery.

"They said they were up their cleaning and there were lots of empty boxes up there and the oldest one knocked over a box. Said it was a box with wires connected to some kind of timer and wrapped in plastic." says Boysworth.

Boysworth says she has faith the answers will come soon, but nothing is too soon for mom Cheryl Patterson. "It was very scary, it was shocking. I'm hoping they get to the bottom of this quickly and provide the public with some answers."

Investigators are saying they don't believe the officer was targeted since he had not yet moved into the home.

That home had been vacant for quite a few months, but News 12 did some digging and found the house has changed hands five times since it's been built, but only once in the past 24 years, and that was from father to son.

News 12 spoke with that son and he said he was contacted by the FBI and that he and his father are cooperating with the investigators. Investigators say they will say by the end of the week if the device was in fact an explosive.

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