Merry announces plans to sue Commissioner Williams

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June 18, 2007


Community activist Woody Merry and his attorney Robert Mullins are lining up another lawsuit. This time, they are filing suit against Augusta commissioner Marion Williams claiming he has violated a list of state ethics laws.

"We are not going to accept this type of behavior anymore. If we have to drag you into court, again, again, and again, you know i am not afraid to drag you into court," Merry says.

Merry claims Williams violated his oath of office by referring to commissioner Joe Bowles as "boy" during a recent commission meeting. They also say he's violated rules by claiming to have a copy of the city administrator's hard drive. Merry says their biggest concern is that Williams has violated ethics codes by failing to pay his property taxes while serving as a commissioner.

"Our research is showing, he has been late paying his taxes for five years i believe it is," Woody Merry told us.

News 12 contacted Williams about the claims in the suit that Merry's attorney says will be filed this week in state court.
Williams says, "I'm not entertaining that clown anymore....I'm going to pay my taxes and will have to pay penalty and late
charges, but [Merry] is not going to tell me when to pay them."

This is not the first lawsuit Woody Merry has brought on city leaders. He sued former fire chief Ronnie Few over his residency and lost.
He also sued the commission over voting abstentions and failed to get the ruling he wanted.

Despite the failed attempts, Merry says he does not feel he's wasting his time or taxpayer's money.

"The letter of the law is going to be followed period, even if i lose every single lawsuit from now until the day i die, there's going to be a consequence," Merry tells us.

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