Potential explosive found at new home of Richmond Co. officer

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News 12 at 11, June 16, 2007

AUGUSTA, GA-- The FBI and Richmond County investigators say a potential explosive posed a serious threat to an Augusta neighborhood today (June 16)

The device was found in the attic of a home off of Wicklow Drive, and that home had recently been purchased by a Richmond County Officer.

While on the scene, News 12 crews heard two booms from behind the Wicklow Drive home, a sound that startled neighbors like Charles Holtzclaw. "It sounded like a loud pop, like a firecracker."

Richmond County's Bomb Squad Unit responded to the home around lunchtime Saturday afternoon to disrupt a potentially dangerous device.

Sgt. Richard Roundtree with the Richmond County Sheriff's Office explains how the device was found"Electricians were doing work on the attic of the house and came across a small cigar shaped box. They opened it up and the components appeared to be some kind of explosive device."

Since the officer had not yet moved into the home, investigators say they don't believe he was a target. Bomb technicians used a robot, and other techniques to dismantle the device.

Sgt. Roundtree says the possible explosive posed a serious threat to the area. Neigbors were evacuated from nearby homes and parts of the street were closed off for more than four hours while bomb technicians worked to secure the device in the backyard.

"Right now we have disrupted the device and made it safe. We're now in the process of processing the device and collecting evidence to see exactly what potential threat it did hold." adds Sgt. Roundtree.

The Richmond County Crime Scene Unit was also brought in to collect evidence from outside and inside the home.

Sgt. Roundtree says the device will now be sent to the crime lab for further testing.

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