Richmond County roads overdue for resurfacing

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June 14, 2007, News 12 at 6 O'Clock

AUGUSTA, GA -- Fifty-eight roads in Richmond County may soon be getting resurfaced. It's part of a SPLOST funded project spearheaded by the Engineering Department.

Bob Jackson relies on his '83 Buick.

"I love it," he says.

For years he has used the trunk to carry his work equipment in but he says getting to work is a bumpy ride.

"Potholes, man hole covers sticking up high," Jackson says.

He tries to swerve but sometimes his muffler scrapes them. He hates it. And Jenkins Street is not the only road in need of repair.

We asked Director of Maintenance Dennis Stroud to meet with us. We drove to Tradd Court which is a road with a reputation for alligator cracking.

"Since we've moved here the road's just gotten terrible," says neighbor Charles Flynn. Mary Boles lives next door and says "Of course when it rains it really makes it look worse."

Stroud admits it needs help.

"When the rain gets down in there it weakens the sub-base and actually that's when the potholes start to form," he says.

It's why he placed Tradd Court on a list of roads in desperate need of resurfacing. It along with fifty-seven other roads, a total of nine miles
estimated at $140,000.

"In all the districts there are roads that need to be repaired. i just try to take the worst ones with the highest rating," Stroud says.

Neighbors are giving the taxpayer-funded project the green light.

"I don't mind that at all," says Flynn. "If they do it right."

"The streets are our only complaint in this neighborhood," says Boles. "Otherwise we love it."

To see the entire list of roads that need resurfacing, along with how they rank, click here.

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