Check counterfeiters still at large

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June 13, 2007

AUGUSTA, Ga.---At least six people are still wanted in connection to a flurry of fake checks, and the counterfeit documents continue to pop up.

One suspect, 28-year-old Glennell Emerson Bass, has turned himself in, but authorities say that's not enough. What they really want to know is who's orchestrating this elaborate scam. They say it's possible that fake checks are still circulating.

Richmond County investigator Shane McDaniel says that the best thing the known suspects--27-year-old Denetrice Janice Johnson, 26-year-old Byron Domaine Griffin, and 28-year-old Carolyn Michelle Wright--can do is turn themselves in.

"We are going to be fair and impartial to everybody involved," he said. "We speak with our victim and we speak with our suspect."

The victim here is Sonny Patel's discount convenience store. We visited Mr. Patel's store again tonight, and they showed us yet another fake check, this one written to a 34-year-old man named Michael Blocker. The address, fake account number and fictional company name are the same as the ones on the other fake checks.

"Ultimately, if the suspect is responsible, he is going to be charged with the crime," Inv. McDaniel said. He says they are getting information about the counterfeit checks each day and will eventually find out the person who's really the mastermind of this operation.

"The people that we're looking for now, their testimony is going to, quote unquote, lead us to the bigger fish--the person that is really responsible," Inv. McDaniel said. "We will get down to it. It might take some time, but we're going to find out where its coming from--no doubt."

If you have any information or know of anyone else involved in this fake check scheme, call Richmond County investigators.

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