Brown family court hearing reveals money questions

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News 12 First at Five, June 13, 2007.

Aiken Co.---Lawyers are trying to figure out how exactly more than $20 million of James Brown's money disappeared. It's money James Brown's children's attorney argued could belong to either Mr. Brown or to one of his companies, but no one seemed to know the answer to that question. Judge Jack Early ruled to allow the children's attorney to question key witnesses in New York who may be involved.

The special administrators also requested to have direct access to James Brown's legal documents and financial records dating back from 1999. They claim they've been having difficulty trying to obtain the paperwork since they've been appointed to the position by the court, but the three personal representatives contend they have been forthcoming with documents they have requested all along.

Judge Jack Early granted the special administrators request.

As for whether James Brown Junior will have to take a paternity test, the judge did not hear those matters in court this time but could in the next hearing scheduled on the 29th.

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