6-year-old shot by brother dies

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News 12 at 11, June 12, 2007

THOMSON, GA-- A 6 year-old boy shot in the head by his brother has died. Austin Robertson was pronounced dead tonight at M-C-G just a few minutes before 7 o' clock.

The Mcduffie County Sheriff's Office says they believe the shooting was accidental. It happened this afternoon (June 12) at 3848 Cedar Rock Road, right outside of thomson near the Warren County line.

It's a sad story with a tragic ending for everyone involved.

On a hot summer afternoon 6 year-old Austin Robertson was home inside playing with his brother, and in a split second the unthinkable happened. A gunshot was fired, hitting little austin in the head.

What's worse, the Mcduffie County Sheriff says his 7 year-old brother pulled the trigger. "So far as the investigation stands right now it appears to be an accidental shooting." says Sheriff Logan Marshall.

McDuffie County investigators say the two boys were playing in their bedroom and at some point got a hold of their grandfather's 32-caliber pistol. A gun their grandfather told the Sheriff he keeps in his closet.

The two boys' 4 year-old sister was also home at the time, as was their mother, Brandy Robertson, who investigators say was asleep.

A tragedy too close to home for neighbor Lisa Lewis "I just put my hand on my heart. I was devastated. I know that they're great people and my heart goes out to the family."

Lewis' husband works with the children's grandmother and her daughter goes to school with the two boys.

"Putting a face with a child, not just a child on the news which is horrible anyway, but when you know the child and you can put a face with the child and know he is a sweet innocent kid and a tragic accident happens to him you just feel for them." adds Lewis.

DFACS was called to the scene and has placed the 7 year-old boy and his 4 year-old sister in protective custody with a relative. The Mcduffie County coronor says Austin's body will be sent to the crime lab for an autopsy.

As of now, the Sheriff's office has not said if they plan to file charges in Austin Robertson's death. The District Attorney and G-B-I were called as is procedure in McDuffie County whenever a child dies.

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