6-year-old shot in head

June 12, 2007

THOMSON, Ga.---A six-year-old boy was shot in the head by his seven-year-old brother at a mobile home west of Thomson.

There were three children in the home when the shooting took place: the victim, the seven-year-old brother, and their four-year-old sister. Also present at the time of the shooting was the children's mother. Investigators say she was asleep.

Investigators say the children were playing in their room with their grandfather's .32 caliber gun. The grandfather, who was not home at the time of the shooting, told investigators that gun is normally kept in the closet.

The boy was shot at around 3 o'clock. About 20 minutes later, he was MEDEVACed to MCG. At time of writing he was in critical condition.

DFACS has taken the victim's brother and sister into custody until they can be placed with their mother's brother-in-law. Investigators say this is standard procedure, and it's not clear yet whether or not any charges will be filed in this incident.

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