Deputies looking for carjacker

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News 12 at Six O'Clock, June 11, 2007.

AUGUSTA, Ga.---Richmond County deputies are on the lookout for a carjacker, so far he's stolen two vehicles from women. On Thursday afternoon Lucia Bradham made a quick stop at the Top Notch Car Wash off Washington Road to vacuum her car when a man asked her about a job there. "'He said do you work here? I said no do I look like i work here? He said, I'm looking for a job but it was very obvious he was up to something," Bradham said. Bradham says once he got close, he shoved her out of her SUV with her credit cars inside. "I was scared at first because usually I have my four-year-old in the backseat with me and that terrified me otherwise I was just mad," she said.

About an hour and half later, investigators say he took off for a shopping spree at the Augusta Mall with Bradham's credit cards. The surveillance video shows the suspect with handfuls of shopping bags, even taking the time out to chat with a store employee. Bradham says he racked up about $500 worth of goods on her credit cards. Once he was done there he ditched her suv and looked for a new getaway car. He later persuaded a woman to give him a ride across the street to a Kroger store, when they got there she told deputies he grabbed her arm and told her to get out of her Mustang. "Fortunately he hasn't produced a weapon but anytime there's a carjacking there's potentional for the escalation of violence," said Sgt. Richard Roundtree. Six hours later the carjacker went back to the mall to do more damage but by then the credit cards had been canceled.

Investigators did recover the missing SUV but they are still looking for the black Ford Mustang. The tag number is: AVE 7688. If you've seen it please call the Richmond County Sheriff's Office.

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