On Your Side: Military Spouse Scam

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AUGUSTA -- There are some folks taking advantage of military families in this time of war and The Red Cross is out with a warning.

Con artists could be using the charity's name to try and steal military spouse's identity.

The Red Cross says the scam works like this:

A person claiming to be a Red Cross worker calls you and tells you your spouse has been injured while serving in Iraq.

Then the person says they'll need your spouse's social security number and birth date to complete paperwork.

The caller says if the paperwork isn't complete, treatment can't be started.

The idea is to prey on the spouse's emotions.

But the Red Cross says this is all a big con. If you get a call like this, tread carefully.

"I would say to contact [the] local Red Cross and get a name or a phone number off of caller ID so that we can get in touch with the local sheriff's office," Red Cross Worker Margaret Dorsey said.

Here are the numbers you need to call:

The Red Cross in Augusta can be reached 706-724-8481 and the Aiken chapter can be reached at 803-641-4152.

The Red Cross will never directly contact a military family in this type of emergency.

The Department of Defense is the only organization that will make that call.

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