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Girls Gone Wild bus parks in downtown Augusta during Christmas tree lighting

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News 12 at 11 o'clock -- December 5, 2009

AUGUSTA, Ga. -- Girls Gone Wild promoters parked their bus just one block from the Augusta Common during the Christmas tree lighting Saturday night.

Many families like Sofia Hayes' family, came downtown for the Christmas parade and the annual Christmas tree lighting at the Augusta Common, but she wasn't too pleased to see the Girls Gone Wild bus parked downtown.

"I think it's inappropriate especially when you come out here with kids," she said. "That's really not what you want to see."

James Langston brought his three-year-old stepdaughter Mariah to spend the day at all of the events and had a good time, but also didn't think the bus should be parked downtown.

"Being that it was the parade and the tree lighting today," he said. "I don't feel it was appropriate because there's a lot of young kids out here right now."

The bus was parked in front of The Jazz Lounge on the 700 block of Broad Street just a block down from the Augusta Common. Promoters were hosting an event and shooting a TV show, said Girls Gone Wild's Chad Mac.

Though the bus was parked there for the Christmas tree lighting, Mac said they were supposed to be parked there all day to promote the event, but local leaders wouldn't let the franchise park it down there during the parade.

"We kept off and didn't bring the bus out until after the events were over, so we wouldn't offend anyone," Mac said. "We didn't realize the same night we were booked was the same night of the parade."

Because the company is in town shooting a TV show, Mac said they didn't bring any women with them and they would be keeping things "PG-13" because of the TV show.

"We don't even have any girls with us or come off the bus," he said. "We just come in here to get people screaming and having a good time at events."

But whether there are girls going wild or not, it's the advertisement parents don't like, especially Langston.

"They should've waited until First Friday or after the tree lighting," he said.

Not everyone thought it was tasteless, one fan said he was thrilled the happy the bus came into town and said he owns a hundred of their popular DVDs and tapes.

After hosting Saturday's party, the bus is scheduled to head to another Southeastern city, which is where they are doing many of the shoots for the TV show.

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