More than 30 children need foster care

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News 12 First at Five, June 5, 2007

EDGEFIELD COUNTY, SC--Children in Edgefield County need foster families. Right now, the Department of Social Services trying to find temporary homes for more than 30 boys and girls.

A lot of these children are born into families who use drugs, who are abusive, or who ignore them altogether. These kids need temporary homes; however, there is only one foster family in the entire county.

That foster family has been opening their home for nine years.

"We just love children. We love them, and they give us a lot back." Says the foster father, whose name cannot be identified.

He says it was a calling from God. They started with two biological kids, then they adopted four. Now, they're also taking care of five foster children.

"Once they figure out we have they're best interest in mind, they open up and they call us ma and pa." Said the foster father.

Children live with families like this while the Department of Social Services tries to find them a permanent home. But since there aren't enough foster families in Edgefield County, they have to send the children to other parts of the state. Human Service Program Coordinator Desiree Council says, in some cases, that means brothers and sisters have to split up.

"They have to leave their school, they have to leave their friends, they have to leave everything they know to go into a totally unknown environment." She said.

Edgefield's foster family is doing everything they can to keep that from happening.

"When you see them smile and see them happy, when you know they wouldn't be here without's hard to put into words." He said.

If you want to help, call Tanya Figueroa at the Department of Social Services. Dial 803-637-4040, ext. 118. There is a screening process and a background check for people who are interested.

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