SUV flips, kills father and injures son

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News 12 First at Five, Friday, June 1

GROVETOWN, Ga ---A deadly wreck Friday morning on Harlem-Grovetown Road occured in the 6100 block just past a turn locals call "Dead Man's Curve." It's where Robert Owen was killed, his fourteen year old son was sent to MCG.

Owen's death is the third death on this road in just the last month. Parents and police are worried and people say they don't even want to drive it.

Day after day Randy Baker and his son Justin watch cars whiz by.
"Sometimes they run pretty fast," says Randy. "I call this here the passing section."

They live along Harlem-Grovetown Road where car crashes are common. Just lat month Randy's nephew Cameron Newman was killed on "Dead Man's Curve."

Friday, Robert Owen was killed just a mile from home when the SUV he was driving with his fourteen year old son in the passenger seat rolled over.

"A death is never easy. It's always fairly hard," says Randy.

Randy's teenage son just got his learner's permit so for him, getting behind the wheel is no game.

"You gotta stay more cautious and beware of your surroundings," says sixteen year old Justin.

Cameron Newman was Justin's cousin; he was dead at twenty-three years old. For Justin, the responsibility of driving is very real.

His father just wants to teach him how to stay safe on such a winding, country road with fast cars.

"It's like life. You try to think ahead and stay ahead of the game," concludes Randy.

Columbia County coroner Vernon Collins says Owen suffered from blunt force trauma, head injuries and closed chest injuries. Both he and his son were wearing their seat belts and his son is recovering from minor injuries.

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