Dry conditions hurt local crops

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News 12 at 6 o'clock, June 1, 2007

Right now, our parts of Georgia and South Carolina are in a moderate drought. Some local farmers say this is the worst they've ever seen.

The sun continues to parch the farmland and the pastures where Jeff Gay's cows used to graze.

"We have nothin to feed our cows. The hay is really running out." He said.

But, his problems don't stop there. He couldn't even plant his soybean crop because they wouldn't survive in the dry soil.

"We haven't had any rain on my farm since April 16th. We're about six weeks into it, and it's been tough." Jeff said.

It's been tough work saving what's left. He says most of the grain and peanuts are fine, but the cotton and corn need more moisture.

Thomas Dudley with Dudley Nurseries uses ponds to water 175 acres of plants and shrubs.

"We're certainly down, and each day we have 90 degree weather and we're pumping 3.2 / 3.5 million gallons a day...it takes a lot of water." He said.

It takes a lot of water to run a plant nursery and farmland.

"I got a lot of faith and a boat load more. God has looked after me for 32 years, and He'll look after me a little longer."

Jeff Gay says he's praying for moisture to help his crops and his cows.

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