Father wrecks ATV, seriously injures 2-year-old son

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May 30, 2007, News 12 at 6 O'clock

WARRENTON, Ga --- A two year old boy on a tiny stretcher, his head wrapped in bandages, cradled by a McDuffie County medic; his father can't believe it. "In my opinion having a child on an ATV is lunacy," says Dr. Jim Wilde who specializes in pediatric emergency medicine at MCG.

It's where the little boy was life-flighted to, his head injuries a result of a four-wheeler crash. Police say his father, 28 year old Casey Walker, failed to stop at the intersection of Camak and Highway 80. Unofficial reports say he was drunk and lost control with his toddler riding unrestrained; both were ejected. "ATV's are big, powerful, heavy machines," says Dr. Wilde.

At MCG, four-wheeler accidents keep the emergency room busy. Dr. Wilde hates that some still don't wear helmets. "If they hit something and get thrown they have no protection, no head protection or any other kind of protection."

What worries him even more is that four-wheeling is a summer sport. It's how lots of teens like to pass their time hitting bumps and bends with speed. It's why MCG's emergency room sees between five and ten ATV victims weekly with broken bones and bad bruises.
"ATV's are not just glorified bicycles. These are not toys for kids to be using," says Dr. Wilde.

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