On Your Side: Ugly Yard Contest

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After a long wait, the yard dubbed one of the ugliest in the area has a new look.

It's all thanks to a generous Augusta-area landscaping company that stepped up to the plate to help a yard in need.

The Baker family knew for a while they had an ugly yard. But now, thanks to Southern Landscaping, it's gone from awful to awesome.

Nate and Amy Baker are experiencing something they couldn't a couple of years ago, their backyard.

"It's enjoyable to spend time out here," Nate Baker said.

The Bakers' had what was dubbed one of the ugliest yards in the Augusta area.

"We knew we'd probably win," Amy Baker said.

And as a reward for it, they won a landscaping makeover during the 2005 Augusta Home and Garden Show.

But the company that promised to do the makeover, reneged on the deal. However, just as fast as one company pulled out, another came in to save the day: Southern Landscaping.

"The company that faulted on it made all contractors look bad. And what we tried to show was people in this town, there are contractors that do back what they say," Southern Landscaping Owner Ray Tuten said.

Tuten and Southern Landscaping wanted to make things right. So, a crew got working last fall on what would be a $5000 cobble stone patio.

"They needed an area that they could watch the kids play and the patio seemed ideal," Tuten said.

Before too long, the work was finished and the Bakers’ had a magnificent patio that had nearly slipped through their fingers.

They added some extra landscaping on their own and now they've got what they always wanted, a place to enjoy the outdoors right outside their backdoor.

Southern Landscaping has had a long history in the area. It's won several community choice awards in Columbia County and it has been featured in a national magazine.

Again, they just said they wanted to make things right and judging by what we saw out at the Bakers’ home, they did.

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