USC Aiken students possibly exposed to tuberculosis

May 30, 2007

A Georgia man with a rare and very dangerous form of tuberculosis was on an Air France flight May 12. He's now under quarantine in Atlanta.

The man traveled on Air France flight 385 from Atlanta to Paris. He returned on Czech Air flight 104 from Prague to Montreal on May 24.

If you were on one of those flights, you need to see a doctor.

28 students from USC Aiken were on board the flight, along with two faculty members and a staff member. The students were part of an international business study program.

USC Aiken is contacting all students to let them know of the danger and to advise them to see a doctor. There is no clinic set up on campus for this yet; most students are going to their general practitioner. The school will set up a clinic if it becomes necessary.

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