OYS: Friday Fraud Alert

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You may be getting an official sounding phone call that's anything but. In fact, it's a big scam that is trying to rip you off.

12 On Your Side has received several calls recently from viewers about this story.

Essentially what happens is a person calls you saying you've won a trip or gas vouchers from a company called Variety.

Many times they can tell you your name, address and bank routing number.

They say they just need you to give them your checking account number for verification.

That is information which you should never ever give out.

We did a quick Internet search of some of the numbers our viewers say they were called from. The complaints are all over the place. Every one of them has a similar story.

Many people say this "company" will call 10 or even 15 times in a week, and each time wanting your bank information.

Sometimes the calls also say there's been illegal activity on your account and they need to verify your checking account number.

The bottom line is you should never give that sensitive information out over the phone.

The bank and your credit card companies already have it.

If anyone asks for it, just hang up.

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