Dumb and Dangerous Driving - May 24, 2007

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AUGUSTA, Ga.---A lot of traffic, with no signal, can be a bad combination. The intersection of 13th and Reynolds streets is very busy, and a lot of people from north Augusta want to turn left; however, that can be difficult since there is no arrow.

"Without a turn light, you have to scoot in under that yellow light." Said driver Paul Cook.

He says people run the red light all the time; however, the problem does not stop there.

"You've got traffic pouring in from the 13th Street bridge, Broad Street, and side streets toward North Augusta." Paul said.

One driver we caught pulled out from one of those side streets and sat in the middle of the road. People who work nearby say they've seen things like that lead to crashes.

"A lot of times they'll come together and one will get run off the road." Said Craig Wildy.

He says some drivers decide they're going to make it through whether someone is in front of them or not. One driver News 12 caught went around the left-turner in front of him. Other drivers start to cut it close and then stop suddenly when they realize there's not enough time. Others run through the red light.

"It's next to impossible to turn left during rush hour." Paul Cook said.

If enough people like Paul have trouble in that area, they can let the traffic engineering department know. If they do a traffic study and find there is a big enough problem, they can ask the Georgia DOT for a signal.

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